[Renewed] Bird One - Electric Rose

[Renewed] Bird One - Electric Rose


30-Day Guarantee

Take it for a ride. If you don't love your Renewed Bird, we'll provide a full refund (some restrictions may apply).

Refund Policy

Shipping: Not guaranteed to arrive by December 24th.

We Test and Certify All Bird Factory Renewed Products

All factory renewed vehicles go through a rigorous top-to-bottom inspection. Our 32-point 360° quality inspection process includes thorough motor and brake inspections, verification of proper ride handling and balance, as well as full diagnostics and validation. A charger is included in the box.

Renewed Bird Warranty

Leave traffic behind and upgrade your commute with zero carbon emissions.

Ride confidently

Fly up to 25 miles on a single charge with double the battery and greater shock-absorbing performance.

2x bigger battery

25-mile range

Join the flock

Get more from your Bird with built-in GPS technology and advanced connectivity.*


Anti-theft protection